"If you have knowledge, let others light their candle with it"

I remember a few years ago when I had no idea who to turn to or how to start when it came to being a full time photographer. Finding my style, my ideal clients and how to book them all seemed so far reached in a community full of other talented artists. I knew I wanted to become a full-time wedding photographer, but had no idea how to get there. Fast forward and I freaking made it! I've been making over six figures the last three years as a full time photographer and have almost entirely been self taught. I've learned hard lessons, made mistakes, learned many do's and dont's about the industry and business aspect of it all. I've invested time and money into course after course to get me where I am today. While I absolutely am not perfect and have a lot to learn, I know I've got something to share and something to say. While I can't do all the work for you, I can absolutely help you on your way .

Virtual Zoom/FaceTime 

Virtual mentor session for one or two hours max
We will go over any questions you have on your mind
PDF of all the notes we go over sent to your email within 48 hours


In person meet up 

Two hour meet up over coffee or drinks whichever you prefer. 
You can bring your camera, notebook of questions, laptop, etc and we can go over whatever questions you have.
PDF of all the notes we go over sent via email within 48 hours

Mentor #2:

One hour virtual mentorship+STYLED SHOOT

You can ask any and all questions in regard to our shoot or completely seperate.
Two hour styled shoot with subjects of your choice. ie: Engagement couple, family, solo portraits, bridal couple. 
Post mentor session for 45 minutes to go over editing the shoot and answering questions

Mentor #3:




per hour



What will we go over?

-Anything you want. I will be an open book and share whatever I can with you! Some topics include working with clients, editing in LR or PS, flash photography, OCF techniques, posing, booking your ideal clients, how to say no, general advice, social media tips and tricks, anything!

Will you teach me step by step editing?

-Short answer...not exactly. I want you to learn for me! I have learned myself that trying to take a preset from someone and then attempting to copying it exactly on your photo is not the way to do that! While I can help you with specific tools in lightroom and specific editing questions, we are different and I want you to find your uniqueness and your style.

Will you offer payment plan options?

Yes! Each mentorship option will require a deposit which will help break up the payment! Once the deposit is made, the final balance is due 3 days before our mentor date! If you signed up for option #3 I will give the option to break up the remaining balance into two payments!

When can I sign up?

-I will be booking mentor sessions Monday-Friday 10-6pm! (If you're very interested and absolutely cannot make these times or days of the week, please let me know when you're signing up so I can accommodate)

How to prepare for the mentor session?

-I will ask you to have 3-4 questions ready to go to be answered! Sometimes our conversation will drift into another topic, but I want you to come prepared with questions so you can leave feeling inspired and ready to conquer the world! (a little dramatic, but still.) You are more then welcome to take notes while we chat as well. I will be sending you a PDF of all the things we discussed within 48 hours as well.

Who is this for?

-Any photographer who is wanting to learn more about portrait type photography. If you're interested in couples, elopements, weddings, etc. This will be for you! If you're seasoned in the game, but feel I have something to offer this can be for you too! If you're a beginner and need help on where to start, this is your place. This is open for all photographers (or non photographers) who are wanting to learn from some self made, dog loving, traveling wedding photographer named Erin!

Have a question? I have answers!