I'm Erin

I'm here to preserve your moments of love – they’re messy, sometimes blurry, but also authentic and nuanced. So if you love my style, let's create magic!


Tell me all about you

fun facts about me!

I’m based in Las Vegas, or anywhere in the world you want me to be (literally please let's go on an adventure). I’m so glad you’ve found me here because I love making new friends and capturing your moments. I specialize in curating modern, timeless, and vibrant Weddings + Couple portraits. I’m here to help you live in the moment while I capture and create something magical with you.

I can't wait to capture all your special moments.

Let's connect

-I love dogs. Love. I have a golden doodle who is actually my life, his name is Von.

-I work out 5 times a week and have a huge love for health and fitness.

-I'm a closet gamer. Any Warzone lovers here? ;)

-I will cry at the National Anthem.

-Hot sauce, hot sauce, hot sauce. That's it.

-Coldplay is my favorite band forever.

-I went to college, got a degree, and use zero part of it. But the experience was 10/10!

-I'm an extrovert, but not over the top. (I don't think LOL)